Clutch Denver-Arvada Computer Repair & Cell Phone Repair

Clutch specializes in high-end gaming computer repair and gaming computer building. Our staff technicians are experts with over 15 years of direct experience building computers, fixing computers, architecture of networks, working in data centers and managing professional networks for some of the largest companies in the world. The following rates are for traditional services and may vary for more complex builds or situations. Feel free to drop by with your machine 7 days a week anytime from 12pm-2am or give us a call at 720-362-2101.


Gaming Computer Tune-Up, Overclocking & Optimization: $99

Computers build up a lot of unneeded data and over time this can slow the PC down. This service includes hardware diagnostics tests and cleaning your system so it can run faster. Let us know your favorite games and we will optimize your system settings to hit maximum frame rates based on your hardware. Includes optional overclocking.

Hardware Replacement & Gaming Computer Building: $49/hour

If you're not quite sure how it's done, it's usually not worth bending the pins on that new $500 processor or $350 video card. We'll help you both install the hardware and ensure all drivers are loaded correctly so you can take full advantage of your upgrade or new computer build. We also offer advanced gaming computer building services other companies don't, such as installation of water cooling, overclocking and more. (1 hour service minimum)

Full System Data Backup or Transfer Between Computers: $89

You provide an external hard drive, second computer or cloud box where you'd like the data on your computer backed up and we'll make it happen. There are a variety of software recovery solutions available for you to choose from. 


System Cleaning of Malware & Viruses: $89

Your system will be assessed for malware and viruses, cleaned, and returned to you in tip top shape. In extreme cases, additional services may be necessary to fully repair your system. This can usually be determined at initial diagnosis. 

Operating System Installation or Re-Installation: $129

Provide your desired operating system for installation along with a list of software you'd like installed. Our team will load software, drivers, and settings. Specify any specific software or games you'd like your computer settings optimized for. Tests will be run to ensure your system is at peak performance. 

Investigative Computer Repair: $25/half hour 

If you're just not sure what's wrong, provide as much information as possible and one of our experienced techs will investigate the issue. Once identified, you will be notified and provided with a quote to fix the problem. You can decide if you'd like our tech to repair your computer or if you'd like to take care of the issue yourself. The average diagnosis takes 30-60 minutes (1/2 hour minimum).

If you need help, please complete the form below detailing your issue and a tech will contact you shortly. If you'd like to speak with someone instead, don't hesitate to call us with your computer repair questions any time at (720) 362-2101.

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We guarantee all of our work and are only satisfied when you are. We are able to offer some of the best pricing on computer repair in the Denver Metro Area because our facility is also an Internet cafe. We're here when you need us, with late hours from 12pm-2am daily. We run 50 computers in-house so odds are we've seen any problem you throw at us more than a few times. PC repair services are also eligible to receive loyalty rewards program points. 

We aren't a big corporation which means you'll receive personalized service and chances are we know more than the "expert" you could reach on a tech-support phone call. 

If your computer feels like this, it's time to bring it to Clutch for a little TLC :)