Clutch Spring NA LCS Fantasy League Tracker

Scoreboard will be updated every Monday
(check tabs at bottom of spreadsheet for additional scoring details)

1st Place: $100 in Riot Points
2nd Place: 20 Clutch Reward Stars
3rd Place: 10 Clutch Reward Stars

- One form per player
- No more than two players from any one NA team may be selected
- No changes to roster after initial submission
- In the event that a player is substituted for any reason, the substituted player's stats on the same team will be used
- Select a 5 man team consisting of NA LCS Players, filling each position (Top, Jungle, Mid, AD Carry, and Support)
- Prizes must be redeemed in person at Clutch Gaming Arena within 1 month of Spring season completion
- DO NOT SELECT MORE THAN TWO (2) PLAYERS FROM THE SAME NA LCS TEAM -- Your submission will be rejected.

- Games will be broadcasted LIVE from Clutch. Attendance is encouraged but not required

- Will be posted at
- Updates will be posted prior to the next week's games


The following point system will be used to score each LCS Player's performance on a weekly basis. The scores will be rounded to one decimal. Subsequent legendary kills will not be awarded legendary points. Standard kill points will still be awarded.

  • Every 20 CS: 1 Point
  • Assist: 1 Point
  • Kill: 3 Points
  • Double Kill: 1 Point
  • Triple Kill: 2 Points
  • Quadra Kill: 3 Points
  • Penta Kill: 4 Points
  • Killing Spree (3 kills): 1 Point
  • Rampage (4 kills): 2 Points
  • Dominating (5 kills): 3 Points
  • Unstoppable (6 kills): 4 Points
  • Godlike (7 kills): 5 Points
  • Legendary (8 kills): 6 Points
  • Shut Down: 1 Point
  • Death: -1 Point Per Death

    Please direct scoring questions to